I just wanna tell you how inspiring it is to see you on this journey you spoke into existence, driving across the country. You’re really happy, I see it on your face. I’m happy and proud of you. 


Her mind is beautiful. You want to see the world that way too.


She lets you speak, she feels your emotions, and she gets it. Nadia hears you when people don’t.


love your work, love your words, I listen every day! I really, really feel each word so I thank you for bringing the light. I, too, was able to find my way. THANK U SO MUCH


Solo Drive NJ to CA

Driving through to get to Vegas Aug 2019

Solo Drive NJ to CA

Chicago, IL Aug 2019

trauma at each stAGE

but, we smile through it all

Greetings Love,

Welcome to my blueprint.

Why do we need self love? 

Where does it come from? 

Who invested it? 

What is love? 

How do I obtain it? 

How do I know what it feels like? 
Have I ever received love? 

I believe some of the greatest books I've ever read, have always talked about love. 

These were some of the questions I had asked myself many times over and couldn't find the answer, in men. 

Women or men, 

it didn't matter. What mattered was I felt alone and didn't know how to not feel alone anymore. 

I learned that I needed to love myself. 

I learned how to love myself by paying attention to who was around me and speaking positively, most of the time. 

In reality, each day is different. We have highs, we have lows, we have days where life takes us on a rollercoaster, and we want to get off. 

Everyday we keep going. 

this page is geared toward the individual who doesn't know where to turn any longer.

I don't have the blueprint but this is my blueprint. 

These quotes, these sessions, the oracle readings, things that made me say, "Yes! You're worth the entire universe and then some!!!!" 

I loved me, 

I love me, 

Here is how I did it.