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  • Love!

    Love love love!! Beautifully designed

    -Amanda P.

    Summer & #freeasf™ 
  • Amazing and Comfortable Clothes

    I have purchased multiple items and all have been great quality and worth every penny. I get so many compliments on my University Hoodie “you better go get one of these”😀

    - Al-Jabbar J.

    #freeasf™ University Hoodie 
  • Perfect

    True to size. Super comfy. Color doesn’t run. This hoodie is just what I need for this bipolar weather in GA!

    -LaToya A.

    #freeasf™ Hoodie Unisex 
  • Comfy

    This hoodie is so comfortable.

    -Christy M

    #freeasf™ Hoodie Unisex 
  • Shirt fits perfect. Good quality.

    Shirt fits perfect. Good quality. Fast shipping. Thank you.

    -Marvin D

    Crash Landing 
  • Love the crop top

    Great quality and, fits great. Definitely will be back to purchase more items.

    -Lea S.

    Yoga Bae 

happy & #freeasf™

what does it mean to be #freeasf™?

our key values

  • What is #freeasf™️?

    It’s the ability to have a childlike energy without caring what people think. Everyone isn’t you and that’s your superpower. I’ve noticed that those who have healed their trauma or those who are tapped in are capable of embodying this energy freely. The only requirement is releasing what no longer serves you and tapping into the darkness in order to find the light. Try it, we Martians will accept you.

  • Who is Queen Goddess Hope?

    Queen Goddess Hope is an intuitive spiritual wellness coach who guides people intuitively toward healing their inner child and embarking on a healing journey toward #freeasf™. She has an online school called #freeasf™ University which uses Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as a foundation and guide toward self love.

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  • Product Sources

    We source our products from American soil to avoid long shipping times. Our soaps are all natural and hand made by local merchants.

  • Black - Latin - Women

    We believe in supporting who we are. Queen Goddess Hope is a 2nd Generation American from Indegenous Caribbean parents; she prefers to support brands that are a reflection of her.

  • Spirituality. The End.

    Mother Earth should be honored all the time. Protecting the Earth and honoring Mother Earth is our top priority; therefore our products are shipping with the least amount of packaging to ensure sustainability and environmental protection.