#freeasf Starter Kit


Her mind is beautiful. You want to see the world that way too.


Sweats are super cozy and the fleece is soft!!


She lets you speak, she feels your emotions, and she gets it. Nadia hears you when people don’t.


Thank you so much for taking the time to connect with me, I appreciate your insight. You know your stuff! 


I just wanna tell you how inspiring it is to see you on this journey you spoke into existence, driving across the country. You’re really happy, I see it on your face. I’m happy and proud of you. 


You have an abundance of knowledge and your intellectual capacity shows that! 


love your work, love your words, I listen every day! I really, really feel each word so I thank you for bringing the light. I, too, was able to find my way. THANK U SO MUCH


Your posts are deep though. It makes you contemplate on a lot of stuff that you either never acknowledged or kept hidden


Her graphics are dope!


nadia atkinson maldonado aka queen goddess hope

about the developer and creator of beyoutimes2.com

Queen Goddess Hope is Nadia's alter ego; Queen is random, sarcastic, yet positive at the same time. People love her! She loves uplifting and coaching the #freeasf community everyday on Instagram. There she posts #positivevibesonly that encourages souls to be  true to positive energy and self. It is there you will walk into the being of your Higher Self, the Creator of your Universe.

Nadia Atkinson Maldonado has been on a self care - self healing journey since August 2017, after her life came to a halt when she could no longer afford to pay for college courses to finish her degree in social work. Upon realizing that she allowed school to define her, she had no identity.  Nadia decided to reevaluate her life and began to date herself. 

From October 2018 to her birth day the following year, Oct 17, 2019, Nadia dated herself three times per month and adopted a plant-based lifestyle. Over this course of space, she learned how to love herself through ancestor work, spirituality, yoga, meditation, and journaling. The items on this page are a direct link to what has allowed the Intuitive Life Coach to become the Spiritual Entrepreneur she believes she is. 

On this website, one will find items such as oils, ebooks, Bedroom Kandi, candles, t-shirts, and mugs all major components during Nadia's journey toward freedom. Showing a keen interest in one's self was Nadia's pure focus when starting this journey. She decided that it was time to alter her surroundings and change her mindset. "You can no longer be a pushover and allow people to walk all over you!" Any time she had a negative thought, she turned it around, and focused her attention on the positive. Nadia learned this technique during therapy. This allowed her to focus on the positive outcomes during stressful times. 

Welcome to Queen Goddess Hope, a page where you're free to #beyounique. That's all that she aspires to be, free. 

Love and light,



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