BLVCK ROSES: Love + Mental Health

BLVCK ROSES: Love + Mental Health

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The conversation of mental health is exploding since dealing with the pandemic, but many in relationships are facing struggles. The divorce rate is through the roof and domestic violence cases have increased.

It's one thing to show up for yourself but another to be there for a partner. Who's responsibility is it? How can we get the proper help? How do we maintain our individuality? These are a few questions that we'll be exploring in this episode.

Blvck Roses is a new interactive live conversation with men and women from all backgrounds, discussing where they discovered their understanding of Love, Sex and Romance.

This is an opportunity to understand the cultural development of men’s beliefs on romantic and platonic relationships, and even on self-love, through candid conversation. The intention of BLVCK ROSES aims to create a raw experience for greater insight into the hearts of men and how it affects our presence in society, at large.

Hosted by Oshim Phoenix, with special guests Nadia Atkinson Maldonado, Juan Yanez and Andrea Mancuso.

Nadia Atkinson Maldonado aka Queen Goddess Hope is a Spiritual Entrepreneur who encourages people to be unique. Her brand #beyoutimes2, is geared toward helping people awaken spiritually by healing their childhood trauma, dating themselves, and placing boundaries on people, places, and things. She is a self published 9x author, public speaker, and founder of #freeasf University: a place that teaches you how to become #freeasf. You can connect with Nadia on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest by searching @queengoddesshope or visiting her website

Andrea Mancuso is the founder and CEO of Intentional Healing & Wellness. She is a development and high performance coach. Andrea is a facilitator who promotes courageous conversation and intentional living. She is highly skilled in mental health consultation and creative collaboration. Andrea is presently pursuing a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and she attained a Master of Science in Therapeutic Interventions from Fordham University in 2007.

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