Know When 2 Take a Break!

Know When 2 Take a Break!

Chile Baby! Did I mention I've been working for two years straight? I decided to take a month off and I am sure I slept 372 hours in the entire month! I am thankful for the grind but, I miss relaxing. There were many self care days yet in the midst of it all - I lost my balance and need to adjust and refocus. I've been watching Girlfriends on the Flix (I think Amazon will buy them soon) and I've realized that I miss my crew. Leaving Jersey was the best thing I could do for my mental health yet the relationships slacked because I don't live there. It is one thing to know who is in your corner, it is another thing when you realize who is REALLY in your corner. People lack hope, love, peace, and fulfillment. Over the past few years, I learned how to dwell in that even when the chips were down. I went through two breakups and suffered a loss of a baby. I still haven't filed my taxes and Biden is running the country like monopoly money. WTF is going on? 

My conspiracy brain is saying this country has about $4 left and I need to invest in a new currency. My conspiracy brain is saying hurry up and buy! Move to another planet because the martian life is the way of life. I don't want to scare you but it is time to rest so you can think clearly because shxt is about to get REAL! The End. 



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