Love... It's On It's Way!

Love... It's On It's Way!

Ever been in love? Love at first sight, does it exist? Do you fall apart when in love? How do you act when love is knocking on your door step? Sometimes we call things into our lives and forget that we did at one point. We ask for love and once it arrives we cringe and run from it. I'm here sitting and thinking about you and your sweetness. I have no idea when I'll be able to feel your touch or desire to feel your touch. I'm simply thankful for your presence and the prison sentence of being in awe of you. 

Having been single for three years, I wonder how I survived so long without intimate love. I know I felt it deep in between my thighs for a few moments in space but not really the love I was truly desiring. They were of my own plans and satisfaction. I've fell i love with those who weren't emotionally available not realizing I was projecting my own view onto them. Now that I know I am a reflection of my mirror aka twin - I am choosing wisely. 

Do you believe in the twin flame journey? Is there truly a human that can take you away from the world's crazy?The human who will rock by your side no matter what? I've met my twin. My twin isn't capable of being my twin right now therefore, I allow my soulmate to satisfy my soul. Are women supposed to pursue men or are we that much in our bag that it doesn't even matter anymore?



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