Raw Vegan & Juicing

Raw Vegan & Juicing

I decided to pivot a little and go back to basics. I am over cooking, it just isn't my thing anymore. I am sure I was addicted to being domestic because I wanted a husband so bad. Nowadays, if I don't feel like it, I don't feel like it. 

Learning how to live on less and less food is enlightening. I can say Ramadan has taught me that. It has allowed me to see things clearer than ever before. It has allowed me to feel love, joy, peace, pain, and healing. Overall, I have been thankful for the blessings of the ancestors. 

Going some eight years ago, I was very disciplined and rarely colored outside of the lines. I could be gullable and easy to persuade. I always wanted to do the right thing. I have not gotten anywhere doing the right thing and by people. I give out a lot to receive so little in return. Those days are over. I decided to share what started me on this journey and it's my best friend. She has always encouraged me to eat healthier and stay on the straight and narrow; although we both love food and tortilla chips. Who doesn't love guac? You're human if you don't. Guac is refreshing when done right but anyway, I wanted to get back on the raw path.

I feel the most vibrant and the most healthiest when eating raw. I haven't juiced in several years but when I did, here is what I followed daily for 30 days:

fruits and vegetables mix: visit Pinterest, they always have great recipes. 

you can eat: 

romaine, hard boiled egg 1 or 2, peanut butter, apples, cucumber, celery, water, oil, vinegar, fresh ground salt & pepper, hand full of almonds or walnuts. 


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