YourSelfCareRitual for 11/27/19

YourSelfCareRitual for 11/27/19
New Moon energy is NOT a game!
Today’s self care routine calls for
Dream journal
Connect with the earth
Lauryn Hill
You are enough and people will always try to tell you different. This is the second time this week this pair, dream journal and rest, came out together. We have to get to a point where things are peaceful all the time. People are not where you are and you can now recognize that. Just sit back and watch.
I’m officially launching my website within the next 48 hours and it will be everything that guided me on my spiritual journey for the last few years. It will include #fixedcandles, #sage, #ebooks, #consultingservices #freeasf beenies, dad hats, tees, mugs, and more.
Hit the link in bio for an alert when the site opens.
Love and light,

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