balance me, NOW

Peace Martians 🤎🖖🏽,

Spiritual awakening is filled with dark and lonely days and most often nights. I felt alone and wanted to know how I could soothe that pain away. It took loving myself in various ways to achieve true balance over a three year period. You better believe I am still growing today. I have been to the bottom where I wanted to kill myself... I was 12. I remember discussing it with my brother and saying who should stay and who should go, he felt the same way, too. Our love for one another was the reason why we stayed, here I am; soaring with my brother. Love comes in so many forms. We really can't hate someone or anything. We all have a purpose here on this plane. There is no man above YOU. 

I HAVE ALWAYS, ALWAYS LOVED - SOULJA BOY'S: "I hop up out the bed, put my swAG on, take a look in the mirror, and say, "WASSUP!" YOU gotta have that bop every single day because this is your WORLD, BABY! Be obsessed with life - wake up aNEW. 

All of the items in this collection have allowed me to balance negative energies and I learned how to honor my ancestors both known, and unknown along the journey.

May these items bless you as they have blessed me. Asé

- Queen Goddess Hope


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