60 - Minute Build

60 - Minute Build

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Let's build. 

In a short window of space, six months, Nadia believes she reversed generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, and depression. She is guiding amazing people daily, to live beautiful lives for decades, and years to come. It has always been love and light from a young age. 

From August 2017 to present day, Nadia has worked diligently to create a self care routine that reversed these mental illnesses. She believes she successfully overcame them by journaling, eating healthy, and a few others things. To learn more about what Nadia's routine was click here. 

To schedule a 1 on 1 build, click the calendar below to schedule an appointment.

*DISCLAIMER* If there is a sense of uncomfortable vibes and the context of the conversation is now crossing a boundary, the call will terminate immediately. 

There are no refund for this for this product.

Time zone is EST, be mindful of the possible timezone change. 

Love and light