Collection: LOL: Lovers of a Libra


1. Who do you trust to give access to this page? Give them the password.

2. Purchase a copy of LOL: Lovers of a Libra 

3. Expect to be mentally challenged to control your sensual desires.

3b. Randomly open the page and read that poem first (if you purchased print copy)

4. See how long you're able to go without climaxing. One poem? Two poems? Five? (yea right)

5. Write a review about it and tell us how many poems you were able to get through without cumming 💦 🥛 😛 

I'll drink ya'll both - Black Barbie and Ken


🥂 enjoy the LOL: Lovers of a Libra Music Playlist on Apple Music and YouTube

EXCLUSIVE: LOL II: Lovers of a Libra, The Shemix  on Apple Music and Tidal