about QGH Holdings

QGH Holdings is an umbrella of businesses that includes business development, consulting, intuitive life coaching, and my personal blueprint on the road to self actualization. 

Queen Goddess Hope Holdings (QGHH) is a brand for the free female millennial who happens to be an entrepreneur. Queen Goddess Hope (QGH) is a millennial self- help coach who uplifts the female millennial generation daily by being a social media influencer and motivational speaker. QGHH will comprise of an umbrella of business entities which include business development and consulting, authorship and self-publishing, online digital coursework geared toward self-healing and love of self, spirituality i.e. crystals, oracle/tarot readings, aromatherapy, bath packs, sage, novelty items, and a ‘YouTube’ platform. Through these portals one’s greatest reality will no longer be a dream but a reality; a conscious path toward true freedom.