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COMING SOON ~ I.A.M.U.: I am my Universe Sunset

COMING SOON ~ I.A.M.U.: I am my Universe Sunset

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Welcome to book two of three inside Nadia’s peculiar universe. Book two is filled with many analogies and deep thoughts. It is often a chaotic mess but, with plant based influences the air is clear. My creativity is sparked and my thoughts are at their peak. This book is a rendition to who I am, now, at 33.

There are erotic poems in this work of art, along with personal photos, taken while in Philadelphia, central New Jersey, and her cross country drive from New Jersey to California.

The artist believes that she renewed her vitality by digging within to heal childhood wounds. She went within and transformed into a butterfly. No two people are the same, this is the artist utilizing her superpowers to depict that; a woman from public housing, with kick ass influences that only she can possess.

She can be seen quoting the following on her Instagram page, @QueenGoddessHope, “I am me, I am Nadia, and I am Queen Goddess Hope.” Read this book if you are on a journey toward enlightenment. After all, we are all light and matter, you matter. 

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