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LOL: Lovers of a Libra Reloaded - 2nd Ed. - BEST SELLER

LOL: Lovers of a Libra Reloaded - 2nd Ed. - BEST SELLER

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The First Edition of LOL: Lovers of a Libra was a book of 33 erotic poems that will leave your imagination blown. Each poem should be read slowly so each vibration is felt word by word, play by play. Create the fantasy as if it were you. The goal isn’t to nut and move on. The goal is to dissect each poem and expand your mind then bust a nut and move on lmao. Set the vibe. Whatever your most relaxed space is, go there, light candles, you and your partner take turns reading your favorite poem. Whatever it may be, take time to love you and be free. This was my law of 33.


The Second Edition of LOL: Lovers of a Libra is a book of less poems and random pieces of the first book. I took some pages away to add a few personal photos in between. The book signing for LOL was more than I could've expected. It was a peaceful event and I was able to finally debut my public speaking skills due to the painter being two states away. Anyone who was there made it a beautiful night. I'll forever be thankful for your presence that evening. That energy was unmatched.

2nd Edition
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