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COMING SOON ~ Love, Hope, & Weather: The Bottom Line

COMING SOON ~ Love, Hope, & Weather: The Bottom Line

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Welcome to book three of three inside Nadia’s peculiar universe. Book three is filled with love stories, notes, quotes, and photos during her solo drive across the country from New Jersey to California. This was a time of deep soul reflection. She knew this adventure would change her life but underestimated the impact.

Growing up in a Christian home, biblical principles were always instilled in her life but Nadia once again, underestimated how simple the words, “love conquers all” would change her life years later. Understanding what love truly is during her 33rd year on this earthly plane has allowed the author to understand what it means to live life for the first time through the eyes of love… in her car.

The artist believes that she renewed her vitality by digging within the darkest spaces of her soul to heal childhood wounds. She went within and transformed into a butterfly. She knows that no two humans are the same, this is the artist utilizing her superpowers to depict that; a woman from public housing, with kick ass influences that only she can possess. With these superpowers comes a great deal of insight. She can be seen quoting the following on her Instagram page, @QueenGoddessHope, “I am me, I am Nadia, and I am Queen Goddess Hope.” Read this book if you are on a journey toward enlightenment. After all, we are all light and matter, you matter. 

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