Masterclass: Becoming #freeasf
Masterclass: Becoming #freeasf

Masterclass: Becoming #freeasf

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 How to Be Happy Now!

A guide to self-actualization through self-love.


What is self-actualization?

the psychological process aimed at maximizing the use of a person’s abilities and resources. This process may vary from one person to another (Couture et al., 2007).

Maslow a famous motivational psychologist introduced the Hierarchy of Needs to the public in 1943 where he professed that once a person’s basics needs were met, they’d grow into feeling like they’ve accomplished self-actualization once they have engaged in enough self-development to reach the highest point. One cannot get to the top without the accomplishment of the previous.

This course will provide you with ebooks, assignments, journal entries, meditation tools, and how to create a self care routine. Purchase this course if you are ready to heal from childhood trauma, clear past life karma, and learn to love the deepest parts of you.


Some Lessons include: 

What is Self-Love?

How Do You Begin to Heal? 

Do You Have a Spiritual Practice?

Overcoming Fear

How to Set up an Ancestor Altar

Overcoming Childhood Trauma

 Once the course is available you will receive a link with access on how to register and begin your lessons. Lessons will include a blend of audio, visual, and/or pdf.



Couture, M., Desrosiers, J., Leclerc, G. (2007). Self-actualization and poststroke rehabilitation. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, 30(2), 111-117.