Fixed Candles - 2 Mini
Fixed Candles - 2 Mini
Fixed Candles - 2 Mini

Fixed Candles - 2 Mini

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**QGH Note: I used this item to call in my twin flame. I knew we would be in separation at some point and I knew it would be sometime in between. The day he lit the candle he immediately jumped into my Spirit. I thought of him the entire week and finally he reached out. Manifest some shxt!**


Midnight Moon is a sprinkled with intention and sweet light aromas. 

As full moons shine bright so do the candles. They burn slow and can last all day or several days depending on your intention. The small mini candles are exactly what your manifestations ordered. 

Each candle is made with specific intentions in mind. Two come in a pack.


Midnight Love provides soft subtle hints of lavender that will burn all night. This small candle is powerful with its true love intentions. 

Purchase this candle if you are desiring a deeper love of self, love of family, love of companionship with a special someone, or to pass it on for someone else.

Burn this candle with the intent of your ancestors in mind, their love is deep, and it has you in mind. 

Candles are bees wax and two come in a pack.