White Sage with Rose Petals

White Sage with Rose Petals

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**QGH Note: I was exposed to smudging growing up in a Caribbean home. The rose petals make me feel that love is cleansing the air. I want to feel love all around me. That is the intention I put out when using this wand.**

White Sage is the preferred herb for smudging.  The smoke is used to neutralize the energy of an area. Excellent for cleansing and rituals of healing, blessings, prosperity, protection or any spiritual purpose.  Measures 3-4 inches


  • Healing
  • Cleansing
  • Purifying
  • Protecting
  • Mood-setting


  • Light Smudge Stick and let the smoke linger into any area or object you want to purify and cleanse.  You can also say a small prayer, mantra or affirmation while smudging.
  • Let burn in a fireproof pot in an area you want to cleanse or purify.